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The story is like a fairytale…


A long long time ago, since 1857, the herringbone floor from a now extinct species Eucalyptus was announced to be the new wood floor at the famous building of King Christian the IV. In the hart of the building is the exchange hall called; Børssalen. This floor has the most impressive stories to tell. Its been the floor of which all the great business people and Kings with staff has made the economy and trading to build the future of Denmark. This floor has witness so much that are known today and some things are still a secret. The floor has literally worn the top of Danish personalities and economy. Their has been a lot of stories in between from 1857 until 2014, that we will random pig up and write, for the greatness of the hole story about the floor that became a table ikon latter in life. When everyone thought that the life of this fantastic herringbone wood floor from 1857 was over, simply a miracle happened, just like in the fairytales. Loudliving happened, which is the company that gave new life to the sadden old wood floor.     In 2015 Loudliving published this absolutely beautiful design table, […]